Thursday, January 25: Would You Rather? Mini-Speeches

Goal: Say an argument with a clear claim, support, and a consideration of the counterargument.


  • Due Today: Weekly Pages 8–on English Journal in English folder in Drive
  • Absent Yesterday? Write Weekly Pages 8 with “Would You Rather?” mini-argument
  • Next Book Talks Tomorrow
  • Bring Fully Charged iPad Daily

1) Starter

Open the starter in Google Classroom. After you answer today’s question, see your classmates’s answers.

2) Mini-Argument Speeches

Review the “Would You Rather?” slides from yesterday. Click HERE to follow along with the slides on your own.

Read the speaking tips below.



Practice giving your speech to your partner. Ask him or her to time you to make sure you are under a minute. When it is your turn to listen, say, “Thank you,” when the speaker is done.



Give your speech and listen to others!

3) Vote & Debrief

Go to Google Classroom and open the voting form. Vote for the top 3 most convincing speeches.

Final Question: What makes a good argument? Give at least three ideas.

Homework: Read & Bring Book, Charge Your iPad





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