Wednesday, January 24: Would You Rather? Mini-Arguments

Goal: Write an argument with a clear claim, support, and a consideration of the counterargument.


  • Please Turn in your Comparing The Outsiders Doc to Google Classroom
  • Absent Yesterday? Finish Comparing The Outsiders  and the Starter
  • Next Book Talks are Friday

1) Wake-Up Wednesday Starter

Open the starter in Google Classroom. Watch the video before answering the questions on the form.

2) Would You Rather? Mini-Arguments

We will complete most of this lesson as a class. Click HERE to follow along with the slides on your own.

ACTIVITY ONE: Open the example argument in Google Classroom. Highlight one or two phrases that stand out to you as persuasive.


ACTIVITY TWO: Write your own “Would You Rather…” argument in your English Journal. Use the guidelines below to set up your Doc.


Choose one of the four writing topics below, or click HERE for a new list of “Would You Rather…” ideas.

Revise your writing to include transitions and a statement in response to the counterargument. See the highlights on the example below:

3) Debrief & Exit Routine

If you wrote more than one “Would You Rather…” mini-argument, choose one for your speech. Practice saying it aloud several times before tomorrow, so you are ready to give your speech.




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