Thursday, January 18: Reading Ladder Reflection Quarter 2

Bookshelf with ReadGoals: Track your reading progress so far this quarter. Write specific goals for next quarter.


  • Are you reading at home 30 minutes daily?
  • Bring book tomorrow for reading time.
  • 1 student missing STAR assessment.

1) Reading Ladder Reflection

  • Open your #BookLove Reading Log in Drive.
  • Scroll to the Reading Ladder Reflection for Quarter 2
  • For Challenge Yourself, list only books you finished.
  • For Find Your Reading Rate, use all the pages you read, even if you did not finish the book.
  • In the set goals section, make sure you answer all questions, and include 2 or 3 Potential Goals for Readers (click the link to open).


(Click HERE to open in a new window.)

Reading Ladder Reflection

Click HERE to see Ms. McMillan’s actual Reading Ladder Reflection from this quarter. Scroll past quarter 1.

2) What to Do When You Are Done (See the right sidebar for ideas.)

If you have not complete The Outsiders Final Assessment and Reflection, please complete that first.

3) Continue Viewing The Outsiders

Homework: Finish Reading Ladder Qtr. 2, Read, Bring Book Tomorrow

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