Wednesday, January 17: Introduction to Film Terms

Goal: Learn the discipline-specific words to discuss films. Take notes on when and how filmmaking strategies are used in The Outsiders. Evaluate the effect of each strategy. 


  • Starters are different this week. Each day you will start by opening the Google Doc we are working on in order to review what we completed the day before.
  • Missing =  1 permission letter to watch the film.
  • Absent Friday? Complete Reading Log. Take Outsiders Final Assessment (in Google Classroom).

1) Starter

  • Go to Google Classroom or Drive. Open the Comparing The Outsiders you started yesterday.
  • Add one more response analyzing the craft of the book (Parts A and B).
  • Make sure you have at least two responses analyzing the craft of the film (Parts C and D).
  • Be ready to share your thoughts.

2) Comparing The Outsiders (Film vs. Book) Step Two

Open your own copy of the note taking Doc in Google Classroom or Drive. Read the directions for Part 2.

As we watch the film, take notes when you see a particular filmmaking strategy being used. You must have at least one entry each day, but you are encouraged to write more than one.


3) Exit Routine

Before you leave, complete the routine outlined below:


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