Friday, January 12: Reflect & Relate

Outsiders Website: 

Goals: Reflect on what you learned from The Outsiders unit. 


  • Absent Yesterday? Complete starter and all Outsiders activities. You will be called to the library to make up the STAR test.
  • I still need 5 parent signatures in order for us to watch The Outsiders.
  • Make sure you have turned in your 15 Close Reading Responses to Google Classroom.
  • Meet in the library Tuesday. Bring your Outsiders book to turn in. If you have any other library books, bring those to renew or turn in.
  • Book Talks resume next Friday. Use the form to sign up (right sidebar).
  • Coming Up! Reading Ladder Reflection 1/17

1) Reading Workshop / Reading Log

Take out your book and read silently.

Complete your #BookLove Reading Log for this week. Book Talks resume next Friday. Please sign up on the form (right sidebar).



2) Reading and Writing Workshop

  1. Finish reading The Outsiders and finish 15 Close Reading Responses. Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom. Note that this assignment is now late, so you will earn partial credit.
  2. Outsiders Final: Click HERE to open the Final Assessment and Reflection form in Google Classroom.
  3. Done?
    1. Make sure you have completed all No Red Ink and Newsela assignments
    2. Choose a Bonus Points activity from The Outsiders site. There is one in the Research tab and one in the Nonfiction tab: 
    3. See the options in What to Do When Are Done (right sidebar).

3) Exit Routine

Before you leave, complete the routine outlined below:


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