Wednesday, January 10: Nonfiction Connections

Outsiders Website: 

Goals: Make a connection between a topic in an nonfiction article and themes in The Outsiders


  • Absent yesterday? Make sure you turn in close reading responses to Google Classroom and your movie permission to the completed work box.
  • Some students still need to respond with “Thank you” or another question or comment in Google Classroom (Studying the Outsiders assignment). Please Turn In your responses if you are done.
  • Tomorrow in class: STAR Reading Assessment

1) Starter

Click HERE to open the starter in Google Classroom.

Wake Up Wednesday Motivational Video

WEDNESDAY (TAPPING PRIOR KNOWLEDGE): Watch the “Wake Up Wednesday” motivational video. For the starter, type one positive or motivational thing you could say to a classmate about getting through a test, a da, or a week. NOTE: You will say this out loud too.

2) Planning and Goal Setting (Think / Pair / Share)

Read today’s workshop priorities. Think about what you need to accomplish in order to finish the Outsiders project by Friday.

  • What do you need to finish today in class?
  • What do you plan on finishing after school?
  • What help do you need?

3) Workshop

Read the following checklist for today’s workshop priorities. Whatever you do not finish is homework.


4) Exit Routine

Before you leave, complete the routine outlined below:

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