Tuesday, January 9: When I Stepped Out into the Bright Sunlight from the Darkness…

Image Credit: @DrGarcia via Flickr

Outsiders Website: bit.ly/staygoldGV 

Goals: Proofread and turn in Close Reading Responses. Read and annotate one nonfiction article. Complete the No Red Ink pretest.


  • You can find all Outsiders work at  bit.ly/staygoldGV
  • If you are done with The Outsiders, get a new book to read.
  • Newsela app: You can save your annotations. It is hard to see the Save button because it is white text on a white background. Just press annotate, type your response, and find the very hard-to-read Save button on the lower right.
  • Turn in the Outsiders movie permission letter to the Completed Work box.
  • Download Google Chrome from Self Service if you have not done so.

1) Starter

Click HERE to open the starter in Google Classroom.

On the Starter Form, answer the following questions. Use complete sentences.

  • Why is the first sentence of The Outsiders the same as the last sentence?
  • What words help you visualize the memory?

2) How to Revise from Feedback

Read the teacher comments on the close reading responses you finished last week. You should have completed 10 by Friday.

A. Read the private comment in Google Classroom. Click HERE to go directly to the assignment.


B.  Click on your Doc to see specific comments and suggestions about what you wrote.

C. It may be easier to view comments in Chrome: Open Chrome > Type Docs.Google.com> Press the three dots in the right corner > Select Request Desktop Version > Open the Doc with Close Reading Responses > Comments are in the boxes on the right side of your Doc.

D.  After you read the comment, make the necessary revision. Do not resolve until you have revised.

EXAMPLE of Doc with Teacher Comments (Chrome Desktop Version)

3) Workshop

Read the following checklist for today’s workshop priorities. Whatever you do not finish is homework.

4) Exit Routine

Before you leave, complete the routine outlined below:

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