Monday, January 8: Revising from Feedback

Image Credit: @DrGarcia via Flickr

Outsiders Website: 

Goals: Revise close reading responses from feedback. Finish the Outsiders and all 15 close reading responses.


  • Finish The Outsiders and all 15 close reading responses by tomorrow 1/9 (last day). All Outsiders activities, including Newsela and No Red Ink, are due Friday 1/12. You can find all Outsiders work at
  • If you are done with The Outsiders, get a new book to read.
  • Newsela app: You can save your annotations. It is hard to see the Save button because it is white text on a white background. Just press annotate, type your response, and find the very hard-to-read Save button on the lower right.
  • Get the Outsiders movie permission letter signed tonight. We will watch the movie next week.
  • Download Google Chrome from Self Service if you have not done so.

1) Reading Workshop

Take out your book and read silently.

2) Agenda

Write this week’s assignments in your agenda. You can click assignment calendar (right sidebar) for the full month view.


3) Minilesson: How to Write Exemplary Close Reading Responses

Click HERE to open the example responses in Google Classroom. Annotating the Doc as a PDF, write what you notice about each response. Turn in your work to Classroom when you finish.



4) Exit Routine

Before you leave, complete the routine outlined below:


HOMEWORK: Finish The Outsiders and all 15 close reading responses. Get movie permission letter signed.


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