Wednesday, January 3: Can Criminals Also Be Heroes?

Goals: Read chapters 7 and 8. Complete at least 8 close reading responses. Read and respond to one Newsela nonfiction article.


  • Still waiting for 4 students to publish the instruction guides to happiness. Meet with me today.
  • If you are finished reading The Outsiders, be sure you have another book to read. Reading Logs are still turned in in Fridays.
  • To work ahead on The Outsiders unit, visit the website:

1) Starter

Click HERE to see find the starter in Google Classroom.  On the Google form, answer the following questions.

Can a criminal also be a hero? Why or why not? Give an example from The Outsiders and/or real life.

2) Outsiders Unit Website:

  • Click the above link to explore the unit website for The Outsiders. What do you notice? What questions do you have?
  • Add the site to the home screen of your iPad.

3) Nonfiction on Newsela

  • On the website, click the Nonfiction tab.
  • Follow the directions for accessing Newsela. You may use the Newsela app or a web browser (Safari or Chrome).
  • NOTE: You can read articles on the app without WiFi access.
  • You may read the articles in any order, as long as you finish all activities by January 18.

4) Workshop Time

5) Exit Ticket

HOMEWORK: Outsiders Ch. 7 & 8, At Least 8 Close Reading Responses, Newsela Nonfiction Article

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