Tuesday, January 2: Welcome Back!

Goals: Participate in a community circle. Review The Outsiders Unit Goals. Revise and publish one of your close reading responses.


  • Still waiting for 4 students to publish the instruction guides to happiness. Meet with me today.
  • No Weekly Pages while we read The Outsiders. Instead, each response should be at least paragraph length.
  • Because we missed a week and a half of school, there will be no mid-year writing portfolio assessment. There will still be an end-of-year writing portfolio.
  • If you are finished reading The Outsiders, be sure you have another book to read. Reading Logs are still turned in in Fridays.
  • To work ahead on The Outsiders unit, visit the website: bit.ly/staygoldGV

1) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the month view, click HERE.

Agenda Jan. 2

2) Community Circle

Today’s circle will have two rounds. Click through the slide deck below to read about circle norms and to see today’s questions.

Before you complete the second round of the circle, watch this “Terrific Tuesday” motivational video. As you watch, use the cognitive strategy Analyzing Author’s Craft.

Analyzing Author's Craft_Sentence Stems

3) How to Write a High-Quality Close Reading Response

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Read the feedback on your responses from Ch. 1 to 3.
  • Reread how to earn an A and look at the sample responses from The Hunger Games.



  • Scroll down to see the list of transitions and transitional expressions. Be sure to use at least one in each response. Highlight the transition so that I can find it easily.

4)  Revise Your Close Reading Responses and Publish Your Favorite on Socrative.


HOMEWORK: Outsiders Ch. 1 – 6, At Least 6 Close Reading Responses, Done with Outsiders? Read Another Book

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