Friday, December 1: Outsiders Ch. 3 & Close Reading

Image Credit: @DrGarcia via Flickr

Goals: Read Chapter 3. Choose a cognitive strategy to respond. Add a transition word.


  • Outsiders Audiobook: I have posted the entire audiobook in Google Classroom. Feel free to listen on your own. Make sure you also read along with your book.
  • Instruction Guide to Happiness: Congratulations to those who have published their explanatory writing piece (Instruction Guide to Happiness). If you have not revised, proofread, and published yet, please do so today for partial credit.
  • Absent Yesterday? Read the blog from yesterday. Be sure to complete the starter, read Ch. 2 and write a close reading response.
  • Outsiders Research: If you did not complete the Outsiders research in the library, please finish it for homework. If you finish by Friday, you can still earn full credit.

1) Update #BookLove Reading Log

Record your reading for the week. Remember, this includes  The Outsiders AND what you read over Thanksgiving Break.

2) Read Outsiders Ch. 3

3) Close Reading Response

Click HERE to read about how to respond to what you read in The Outsiders.

For your own copy of the assignment, go to Google Classroom (click HERE).

Use the Cognitive Strategies Booklet to write an extended response (2 – 3 complete sentences).

4) Workshop Time

  • Finish your Instruction Guide to Happiness
  • Finish your Outsiders Research
  • Finish reading Ch. 1 or start reading and annotating your first nonfiction article in Newsela. Click HERE for directions on getting started.


HOMEWORK: Read Ch. 3, 1 – 2 Close Reading Responses



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