Tuesday, November 28: Outsiders Research

Goals: Research the setting of The Outsiders. Reflect on how the setting may shape the characters and plot.


  • ABSENT YESTERDAY? Reply to the feedback I wrote for your Happiness Instruction Guide (in Google Classroom).
  • ALL STUDENTS: Revise, proofread, and publish your Happiness Instruction Guide by tomorrow. After tomorrow, points will be deducted for each day the work is late.

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the starter question in Google Classroom.

Tapping Prior Knowledge

2) Outsiders Research

Click HERE to go to the Outsiders Research assignment in Google Classroom.

Don’t forget to use the iPad split screen function to take notes as you read the multimedia texts:

This is what it will look like as you read / view / listen to texts and take notes on your Doc:

4) EXIT TICKET: Reflect & Relate and TURN IN

Discuss the Reflect & Relate prompt with your table group. Together, write a response.

When you are done, turn in the assignment on Google Classroom. If you need more time, complete this for homework.

Homework: Revise, Proofread and Publish Happiness Instruction Guide (Due Tomorrow). Charge iPad.

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