Thursday, November 16: Add Evidence from Sources & Create Your Instruction Guide to Happiness

Goals: Add evidence from sources to “How to Be Happy When…” Create your final draft using the instruction guide template.


  • DUE TODAY: Draft of instruction guide in English Journal (Weekly Pages 7). Make sure your English Journal is in your English folder in Drive
  • ABSENT YESTERDAY? Complete the starter, Talk Safely Online handout, and quiz in Google Classroom

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the following starter question in Google Classroom:

Use the cognitive strategy Summarizing to answer the question.

2) Review Explanatory Writing Roadmap

  • Click HERE to go to the Google Classroom assignment. Open the roadmap.
  • Re-read the prompt and sample by Ms. Ferrer.
  • Review the ideas from our class brainstorm. Click HERE for the complete list.

3) REVISE Your Guide to Happiness in Weekly Pages #7 / English Journal

Each recommendation for happiness must have evidence from sources. You can use your life experience as evidence but you also need expert support.

MiniLesson: Adding Evidence with TAG

Open your draft. Add at least two pieces of evidence from the sources. You can use the evidence from your Happiness Graphic Organizer.

Next, explain how the evidence relates to your recommendation.

4) Create Your Instruction Guide

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Open the Instruction Guide Template
  • Delete the teacher writing and add your own. You may copy and paste from your Weekly Pages draft.
  • Finish the writing part today. We will work on images tomorrow.

5)Done? Add Images to Instruction Guide

Click HERE to open the Road Map with directions about adding images.

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Finish Writing Instruction Guide to Happiness


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