Wednesday, November 15: Talk Safely Online

Goals:Understand rules for safe online messaging, and feel empowered to deal with uncomfortable situations when communicating online.


  • ABSENT YESTERDAY? Draft your instruction guide for Weekly Pages 7 (Due Tomorrow)

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the starter question in Google Classroom.

Watch the “Wake-Up” Wednesday video and use the cognitive strategy Forming Interpretations to respond.

2) Talk Safely Online

This lesson uses the slide show embedded below. Use these slides to follow along or review what we practice in class today.

On Slide 7, there is a video on “Perspectives.” Watch that video and annotate the Safe Online Talk handout in Google Classroom. Click HERE to go to the assignment.

3) EXIT TICKET: Talk Safely Online QUIZ

You have the last 8 to 10 minutes of class to take the quiz. It will be enabled in Google Classroom at the end of this lesson.

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Complete Weekly Pages 7 (Due Tomorrow)

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