Tuesday, November 14: Draft Your Instruction Guide to Happiness

Goals: Draft your explanatory writing piece “How to Be Happy When…” Think of 3 ways to be happy and include evidence from sources to support your ideas.


  • LATE / INCOMPLETE: Happiness Graphic Organizers –> Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom. Let me know when you finish so you can receive partial credit.
  • ABSENT YESTERDAY? Read the Explanatory Writing Road Map Prompt and Sample. Complete the Brainstorm.
  • Please download the app Socrative from self service.

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the starter question in Google Classroom.

Tapping Prior Knowledge

2) Review Explanatory Writing Roadmap

  • Click HERE to go to the Google Classroom assignment. Open the roadmap.
  • Re-read the prompt and sample by Ms. Ferrer.
  • Review the ideas from our class brainstorm. Click HERE for the complete list.

3) DRAFT in Weekly Pages #7 / English Journal

For Weekly Pages 7, draft your instruction guide to happiness. The slides below will show you how to format your Doc and get started writing.

MiniLesson: Adding Evidence with TAG

4) Debrief: Leave with Beautiful Words

  • Go to the Socrative app OR b.socrative.com on Safari or Chrome.
  • Type Room Name: ENG7RM402
  • Enter your name: Last, First
  • Answer the question:
    "Leave with Beautiful Words": Write one sentence you are proud of from today's writing.
  • Submit.
  • If time remains, vote on your favorite.

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Complete Weekly Pages 7 (Due Thursday).


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