Thursday, November 9: Happiness Organizer

GOAL: Identify textual evidence to explain how people achieve happiness.


  • Check starter grades. Redo if you do not earn full credit.
  • Requesting a Regrade. You need to make significant improvements and explain exactly what you did in order to improve your grade.
  • Absent yesterday? Complete “Truth” annotation in Google Classroom and complete the assessment in

DUE TODAY: Weekly Pages 6

1) Starter

Complete the starter question in Google Classroom. You will be asked the following question:

Revising Meaning

2) Check Weekly Pages 6: Does it have the date and title? Is it in your English folder?

3) Happiness Graphic Organizer

happiness organizer

  • Go to Google Classroom and open the Happiness Graphic Organizer in Docs.
  • Use the iPad split screen function to look at Safari or Chrome at the same time.
  • Login to with Google.
  • Reread each article listed on the organizer. Add 2 or 3 details about happiness to the left column in the organizer.
  • You may copy facts (command C) and paste them (command V) in the left column.
  • After you have facts for each article, write your own commentary in the right side. Explain how each fact shows a way to achieve happiness.

4) Debrief

Homework: Read (2 weeks reading on next week’s log). Charge your iPad.

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