Tuesday, November 7: You Can Buy Happiness If It Is an Experience

Goals: Read and annotate an article about happiness. Write a list of things (and experiences) that make you happy.


  • Sign up for book talks (attached below)
  • Class preparation = bring book, bring iPad, bring pen or pencil, r/w notebook stored here
  • Narrative grades: See comments in 3 places–on the Doc, Classroom, and our blog. You are encouraged to revise and request a regrade
  • Absent yesterday? Happiness #1 on Commonlit.org

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the starter question in Google Classroom.


2) Commonlit.org: Happiness #2   “You Can Buy Happiness If It Is an Experience”

3) Weekly Pages #6 in English Journal

  • Write your weekly pages at the top of the English Journal Doc. Find your Doc in your English folder in Drive.
  • For Weekly Pages 6, write a list of things and/or experiences that make you happy. Use numbers or bullet points to make your list.
  • Write  150 to 200 words for full credit. If you finish your list, but you don’t have enough words, you can either explain why each item makes you happy OR you can start another writing entry. For ideas on what to write, go to https://goo.gl/ysTnz8
  • The slides below explain WHAT to write and HOW to format your Doc.


4) Debrief and Pack Up


Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Complete Weekly Pages 6 (Due Thursday).


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