Monday, November 6: Reading Workshop & “Study: High Incomes Don’t Bring You Happiness”

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Track progress. Participate in book talks. Read and annotate an article about happiness. Take notes on the definitions of happiness.


  • Sign up for book talks (right sidebar)
  • Class preparation = bring book, bring iPad, bring pen or pencil, r/w notebook stored here
  • Narrative grades: See comments in 3 places–on the Doc, Classroom, and our blog. You are encouraged to revise and request a regrade
  • Absent Friday? Update reading log

1) Read

2) Book Talks

  • As you listen, keep track of what you hear on your Next Reads list (in Notes).
  • Sign up for a book talk (right sidebar).

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk


3) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your GV agenda. You can see the full month by clicking Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.

4) “Study: High Incomes Don’t Bring You Happiness”

  • Go to or click HERE.
  • Press log in.
  • Choose Google and sign in with school Google Account.
  • Add to your home screen–> In Safari, press the 3 dots. Choose share button (square with arrow). +Add to home screen.
  • Click the assignment that is due today: “Study: High Incomes Don’t Bring You Happiness.”
  • Read the directions at the top and get started!

NOTE: As you read, try out the different tools, including the highlighter and dictionary.

If you finish early, start on the  “Happiness Graphic Organizer” assignment available in Google Classroom. We will use that organizer for the next two weeks to keep track of what we read.

happiness organizer

Homework: Read. Bring book Monday. Charge iPad.

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