Thursday, November 2: Library Checkout

Goals: Browse using the Destiny app. Use the favorites feature. Check out books. Read.


  • Check NEO for narrative rubric. Comments are in 3 places: Google Doc, Classroom, and NEO
  • The second half of class today is reading workshop.
  • Weekly pages 5 due TODAY. Did you turn in your English Journal?

1) Starter, Agenda, & Announcements (5)

Complete the starter in Google Classroom.

2) Explore the Destiny App (15)

  • Download the Destiny app from Self Service.
  • Log in to the app. Mrs. Ferrall will give you the directions.
  • Browse by topic. Try out several different topics.
  • Explore the e-book selections.
  • Add several favorites to your list.

3) Browse, Checkout, & Read (25)

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Bring your Book tomorrow.

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