Wednesday, November 1: Marathon Write

Goals: Write your initial thoughts about the concept of happiness. Increase your writing fluency and stamina by participating in a writing marathon.


Check NEO for narrative rubric. Comments are in 3 places: Google Doc, Classroom, and NEO

Meet in library tomorrow. Bring book / ID.

Weekly pages due tomorrow.

1) Starter

Complete the starter in Google classroom.

2) Happiness Quickwrite

– Press the Drive button and select your English Journal.

– Write the date on the top of the Doc.

– Center the title “Weekly Pages 5.”

– Complete 3 rounds of the writing marathon on happiness.


Example of English Journal

If you are working independently, click HERE to see the slides from class.

3) Debrief

Use the cognitive strategy reflecting and relating to write you new ideas about happiness.

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Bring book / ID to library tomorrow. Finish weekly pages 5 in English Journal

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