Tuesday, October 24, 2017: Using Descriptive Language

5 senses

Image Credit: Allan-Hermann Pool via Wikimedia

Goal: Incorporate descriptive language in writing to create sensory details and imagery.

Since I am absent today, you have the whole class period to finish Using Descriptive Language at Flocabulary.com. Whatever you don’t finish today is homework.

Find today’s assignment: 

  • Go to Flocabulary.com
  • Press Log in
  • Choose Google
  • Sign in with school Google account
  • Select Using Descriptive Langauge

There are four activities to complete:

  1. Watch
  2. Vocab
  3. Read and Respond
  4. Quiz

If you finish early—

  • Add descriptive language to your narrative.
  • Choose an idea from “What to Do When You Are Done.” (right sidebar)

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Finish Using Descriptive Language (Flocabulary)


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