Thursday, October 19: Reading Ladder Reflection

Bookshelf with ReadGoals: Track your reading progress so far this quarter. Write specific goals for next quarter.


  • Narratives Due YesterdayIf you are not done, you need to complete yours as soon as possible for partial credit.
  • PAT Time Tomorrow: Thank you for your respectful behavior with the substitute on Tuesday and with our career day speakers.

Reading Workshop

1) Reading Ladder Reflection

  • Open your #BookLove Reading Log in Drive.
  • Scroll to the Reading Ladder Reflection for Quarter 1
  • For Challenge Yourself, list only books you finished.
  • For Find Your Reading Rate, use all the pages you read, even if you did not finish the book.
  • In the set goals section, make sure you answer all questions, and include 2 or 3 Goals for Potential Readers (click the link to open).


(Click HERE to open in a new window.)

Reading Ladder Reflection

2) Finish Drafting Your Narrative (if you are not done).

  • Open Draft Your Narrative in Google Drive.
  • Use your Storyboard to give you ideas.
  • You must have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • The length requirement is 350 – 550 words.

3) What to Do When You Are Done (See the right sidebar for ideas.)

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Finish Your Reading Ladder Reflection. Finish Narrative Draft (Late). Bring Your Book Tomorrow!

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