Tuesday, October 17: Draft Your Narrative

Goals: Draft your narrative. Use sensory details and dialogue. Include a beginning, middle, and end. Clarify the moral or theme.


  • Ms. McMillan is absent today. Your job is to finish your narrative. It is due before class starts tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow is career day. We will not have regular English class.
  • If you have a good sub report, PAT time will be Friday.

Writer’s Workshop

1) Draft Your Narrative

If you can’t watch the video, click HERE to open the video tutorial in a new window.

  • Find the Draft Your Narrative in your Drive. If you don’t already have a copy, click HERE to get one from Google Classroom.
  • Take out your paper storyboard so you can look at it as your write.
  • Watch the video posted above (or click HERE).
  • Write your story!
  • Leave your draft in your English 7 folder in Drive. I can see it if you have shared the folder with me.

2) What to Do When You Are Done 

  • Finish late work first:
    • Storyboard–Complete the storyboard and upload to Drive (click HERE for the video tutorial).
    • No Red Ink Assignment #1 and #2 and Quiz.
  • Make sure you have the pages recorded in the Books I Finished section of your reading log.
  • See right sidebar titled “What to Do When You Are Done” for more ideas.

Homework: Finish Your Narrative (Due Tomorrow). Read. Charge Your iPad.

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