Library Read Around & Book Checkout


Goal: Read a little bit of several books (three or four or five). Experiment. Try reading a book that is different than the kind you usually choose: It may be a new or unfamiliar genre. It may have characters who are different than you. It may take place in an unfamiliar setting.


  • Bring your completed storyboard to class tomorrow.
  • The book you checked out three weeks ago is due! Turn it in or renew it.

1) Library Read Around

  • Spend a few moments looking over the books at your table.
  • Choose one book. You are making a four or five minute commitment to trying it out.
  • Skim the blurb on the back or inside the front cover.
  • Read the beginning until you hear the signal to stop. The only sound we should hear is the sound of pages turning.
  • If you like the book keep it. If not, put it back on the table.
  • On the signal, stand up and move clockwise to a new table. If you liked your book, bring it with you.


2) Book Checkout & Read

  • Browse for a new book.
  • Renew or checkout a book (or two or three or four).
  • Get cozy and start reading.

Homework: Finish Storyboard. Read 30 minutes daily (log completed tomorrow). Charge your iPad.


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