Storyboard It

Goal: Visualize your story spine with a storyboard. Practice dialogue quotes and colon quotes in order to include them in your narratives.


  • Meet in the Library Tomorrow: Bring your book / ID card.
  • If you were absent yesterday, read yesterday’s blog. Complete Story Structure Ex. 1 and 2.
  • REMINDER: Do not turn in to Google Classroom. Just make sure the Doc in in your English 7 folder.

Writer’s Workshop

1) Visualize Your Narrative with a Storyboard.

Open your Story Structure Doc in Google Drive. Scroll to your final story spine with the theme (Ex. 2., Part C).

TEACHER EXAMPLE: Story Spine with Theme

Teacher example of story spine with moral

Visualize your setting, characters, and events with a storyboard.

Storyboard tips and tricks

When you finish, photograph your storyboard with your iPad camera.

2) No Red Ink Assignment #2: Dialogue Quotes and Flow Quotes

  • Log in to Make sure you log in with Google.
  • Press the Home tab to see your assignments. If you have late assignments, complete them first (see below).
  • If you finish early, press Practice to work on mastery of another topic.

No Red Ink Home Screen


Homework: Finish Storyboard, Read, Charge iPad, Meet in Library Tomorrow (Bring Book / ID)



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