No Red Ink & Weekly Pages

Quotation Marks

Learning Goal: Practice using correct capitalization and punctuation in dialogue. Choose your own topic for weekly pages, making sure you have at least two examples of dialogue or flow quotes.


  • You should be done with Storytellers Ex. 2 and 3.  We will finish Ex. 4 tomorrow.
  • If you have an overdue library book, please return or renew it today.
  • 6 students still need to share their Google Drive English 7 folder with
  • 3 students still need to complete the No Red Ink diagnostic. Make sure you do that before starting the first assignment.

Tech Tip: Make your Google Docs available offline. In Docs, press the three horizontal lines (upper left) and slide the bar for Make recent files available offline.

Available Offline setting

You can also make single Docs available offline by pressing the three dots and choosing Available offline.

Available Offline

Writing Workshop

1) No Red Ink

  • Complete the Diagnostic (if you have not) and Assignment 1.

No Red Ink Assignment List

  • If you don’t have anything assigned, press Learn and choose your own topic to practice. When you reach mastery of a topic, email or send a NEO message to me. You will earn 20 points in the grade book.

2) Weekly Pages 4

  • Type on your English Journal Doc: Open your Google Drive and English 7 Folder. Find your English Journal and open it.
  • Click HERE for writing ideas. You  may also choose a “What If…” idea from We Are All Storytellers Ex. 3.
  • Follow these formatting requirements:
    • Each new entry starts on top
    • Date (align left)
    • Title (center)
    • Type Weekly Pages (align left)
    • Press Share and make sure you have added (or you will not get the points!)

3) If you finish early, see the choices on the right sidebar.

Homework: Finish Weekly Pages 4 and No Red Ink Assignment #1, Read, Charge iPad


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