Storytelling: What If?

Woody the Cowboy from Toy StoryGoals: Practice using correct capitalization and punctuation with dialogue and flow quotes. Revise your comparison between three films (ex. 2) to include similarities and differences. Come up with your own “what if” story ideas.


  • Storytellers Ex. 2 (revised Part C) is due today.
  • No Red Ink: First finished assignments. Then press Practice to work on mastery.
  • Create all English assignments in the English 7 folder in Google Drive. This should already be shared with
  • Check your NEO grade. Email or send a NEO message when you complete a missing assignment.
  • Is your library book overdue? Please check!

Motivational Tuesday: Let’s see if YouTube works today! Watch this video and respond by reflecting and relating.

Pixar in a Box Video: Advice from Storytellers 

Reflecting and Relating

  • So the big idea is…
  • A conclusion I’m drawing is…
  • This relates to my life because…

Writer’s Workshop

1)  No Red Ink (Assignment 1 Due Thursday)

No Red Ink Assignment List

2) We Are All Storytellers

  • Revise Ex. 2 (Part C: Reflect and Relate). Make sure you share the similarities and differences of your three favorites.
  • Continue with Ex. 3 (What If?). Your goal is to come up with 3 to 5 of your own “What If?” ideas. This is due tomorrow.

Homework: Complete and Revise Storytellers Ex. 3, Read, Charge iPad

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