Reading Workshop & We Are All Storytellers

Image with Pixar Characters

Goals: Read. Think of three favorite films and respond using the following cognitive strategies: evaluating, making connections, and reflecting and relating.


  • Check NEO grade. If you are missing an assignment, please complete it and send an email or NEO message to me.
  • Absent Friday? Update #BookLove reading log & Share with Ms. McMillan, Complete We Are Storytellers Ex. 2, Part A
  • Complete the No Red Ink Diagnostic assignment (if you have not).
  • Tech Tip: Download YouTube app and sign in with your school Google account. If needed, press your account profile and Settings. Press Filter to make sure you are on “restricted access.”

1) Read

2) Agenda & Announcements

Click HERE or click on the assignment calendar in the right sidebar. Write this week’s assignments in your GVJH agenda.

3) Motivational Monday

Watch this video from Pixar story creators.

Use the cognitive reflecting and relating to respond to the video (think / pair / share).

Image and sentence stems for reflecting and relating

4) We Are All Storytellers Ex. 2 

  • Go to Google Drive.
  • Open We Are All Storytellers and scroll to Ex. 2.
  • Reread what you completed on Friday. Make sure you have answered each question thoroughly.
  • Use the cognitive strategies listed to compose your responses. Click HERE for all strategies and sentence starters.

5) If you finish early, move on to We Are All Storytellers Ex. 3 exercise 3

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