Reading Workshop & We Are All Storytellers Ex. 2 (Your Favorite Films)

Here is our reading dog AGAIN. That dog is focused.

Goal: Read. Keep track of your progress. Adopt an alignment with a character in a favorite film.


  • Raffle (end of class)
  • Share English 7/McMillan folder in Drive with Start all assignments from that folder.
  • Check NEO grade. If you are missing an assignment, please complete it and send an email or NEO message to me. You will receive full credit.
  • If you were absent yesterday, please read the blog entry from yesterday (9/28). Complete each assignment.
  • Complete the No Red Ink Diagnostic assignment (if you have not).

1) Read

2) Complete #BookLove Reading Log for 9/29

  • Find your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.
  • Update it for this week (9/29).
  • Make sure it is inside your English7 folder
  • Make sure your English 7 folder is shared with

EXAMPLE #BookLove Reading Log 8.35.40 AM

4) We Are All Storytellers Exercise 2

  • Open your We Are All Storytellers Doc from Google Drive.
  • Scroll to exercise 2.
  • Watch the video and complete part A.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Charge your iPad. Bring Your Book and Ear Buds on Monday.

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