Getting Organized & No Red Ink Diagnostic (Pretest)

correcting papersGoal: Show what you already know about the English language conventions we will practice this semester. This will help you edit your papers for correctness.

1) Announcements:

  • Back to School Night Tonight–Give your parents / caregivers your schedule.
  • Start ongoing assignments from Google Drive (English Journal & We Are All Storytellers).
  • Check NEO for points on Weekly Pages 3 and We Are All Storytellers L.1, Ex. 3. If you do not have points and you did the assignments make sure they are in your English folder in Google Drive.

2) Get Organized: Remove the old versions of assignments in your Drive

Google Classroom on the iPad has a glitch that is making some people have Docs that are “view only.” Sometimes you have make a copy so you can write on it! Take 5 minutes to clean up your English 7 folder in your Google Drive. Remove the old versions and only keep the best copies.

Here are the files you should keep the newestbest, versions of:

  • We Are All Storytellers
  • English Journal–includes weekly pages 2 and 3
  • #BookLove Reading Log–with 4 entries (up to 9/22)
  • What Do Fish…” Cognitive Strategy Launch (During and After Reading)
  • Easy as 1-2-3 (PDF)

3) Share your English Folder in Google Drive with

  • Open Google Drive
  • Select your English 7 folder in Classroom
  • Press the 3 dots and Add people
  • Type
  • Send

Thank you! This will make sure I can access your work when we have a glitch with Google Classroom.

4) Sign Up for No Red Ink and Take the Diagnostic (Pretest)

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.

5) Done early?

  • Update your interests in No Red Ink: Click your name (upper right) and Interests.
  • Work on mastery.
  • See the “What to Do When You Are Done” on the right sidebar for more ideas.

Homework: Finish No Red Ink Diagnostic (if needed). Read. Bring Book Tomorrow. Charge iPad.

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