We Are All Storytellers: Expressing Memories (L. 1 Ex. 2)

Goal: Express a memory and emotion verbally, in writing, and visually.

1. Agenda

Click HERE to open the assignment calendar (or look on right sidebar). Write the assignments for Sept. 25 to Sept. 29 in your agenda.

2. Announcements

  • Tomorrow Ms. Cabrera is visiting. You will also have a substitute.
  • Please use Drive to access your assignments
  • Absent Friday? Make sure your reading log is filled out and turned in to Google Classroom.  Complete “What Do Fish…” and turn in to Google Classroom.

3. Motivational Monday (Thank you, Ms. Ferrer)

In-Class Discussion:

  • Analyzing Craft: What golden lines did you hear?
  • Forming Interpretations: Why do you think Ms. McMillan showed you this?

4. We Are All Storytellers: Expressing Memories (L. 1 Ex. 2)

Teacher’s Note: This unit is based on a collaboration between Khan Academy and Pixar. You can find the whole lesson here: The Art of Storytelling

Planning and Goal Setting

First, watch Pixar’s introduction video:

Next, open Google Classroom and find the assignment that begins with the title We are All Storytellers (L1) or click HERE.

Take a moment to write the lessons’s learning goals in your own words.

Exercise 1: Expressing Memories

Complete the activities on your We are All Storytellers (L1) in Google Drive.

Exercise 1: Expressing Memories is due tomorrow.

5. Read

HomeworkComplete Storytelling Ex. 1, Read, Charge Your iPad

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