Reading Workshop + Finish “What Do Fish…?”

This Dog Knows How to Participate in a Reading Workshop.

Goal: Read. Keep track of your progress. Use cognitive strategies to comprehend, analyze, and reflect.

1) Announcements

  • Thank you for your scholarly behavior in the library yesterday.
  • Did you turn in your library catalog work? Check NEO for credit.
  • Did you turn in your Weekly Pages to Google Classroom? Check NEO for credit.
  • We start our new unit on Monday: The Art of Storytelling. Please bring ear buds if you have them.
  • Raffle

2) Read

3) #BookLove Reading Log for 9/22 

  • Find your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.
  • Update it for this week (9/22).
  • Open Google Classroom and #BookLove Reading Log for 9/22 (or click the link).
  • Press Add attachment and select your reading log.
  • Turn in.


4) “What Do Fish” Cognitive Strategy Launch 

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Open YOUR “What Do Fish…?” Google Doc.
  • Continue reading where we left off yesterday.
  • Use cognitive strategies to respond to the story in each WHITE box.
  • Turn in  to Google Classroom.

Homework: Read 30  minutes daily. Charge your iPad.

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