Reading Workshop and Book Love Part 2

Sponge Bob Reading

What Is Wrong with This Picture?

Goals: Read. Understand the importance of self-selected reading. Analyze the craft of a good book talk.

1) Agenda

Write this week’s assignments in your GVJHS agenda.

2) Reading Workshop

Read your self-selected reading book for 15 minutes. Some of you will participate in a book conference with me.

3) #BookLove Part 2

Click HERE to review the #BookLove Overview. With your small group, think of 2 – 3 reasons to record under “Why Do We Have Reading Workshop?” Participate in a class discussion and record more reasons.

Watch Ms. McMillan give a book talk. Record three observations (analyzing craft). You may use the following sentence beginnings. If you are absent, watch Ms. McMillan’s book talks on YouTube HERE.

  • I notice…
  • I observe…
  • I see / hear…

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Bring your ID on Thursday for the iPad pickup.



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