Reading Workshop & Community Circle

Open Book with Reading Workshop Text

Goal: Read and log the pages for this week. Participate in our community circle. Speak and listen from the heart.

DUE: R/W notebook with decorated title page

1) Reading Workshop

Read for 15 minutes. Log the title, author, page number and finish the sentence “I’m at the part where…” Today you will record that information in your agenda. Next week you will use your iPads to record your reading on a Google Doc. Click HERE to see the digital Reading Log.

2) R/W Notebook

Finish numbering the pages of your reading-writing notebook. Place your notebook on the back shelf for storage.

3) Community Circle

This week we have discussed the importance of positive relationships. A community circle is one way we can make sure our relationships stay positive and supportive. In this class we will have community circles at least twice a month, usually every other Friday.

See the slides below or click HERE for community circle guidelines.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Bring your book on Tuesday.

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