Library Orientation Day & Book Checkout

Goal: Learn how to find books in our school library and check out one or more for independent reading.

Announcements: Did you submit yesterday’s reading-writing survey? If not, complete it for homework. Click HERE for the survey.

1) Meet in the Library

2) Complete the Library Scavenger Hunt

Click HERE for the Google Doc. (NOTE: If you are absent today, make sure you visit the library before school, after school, or at lunch to complete the activity. You will receive full credit when you turn it in to the completed work basket in our classroom.)

3) Check out your book(s)!

4) Sit down and read

Reading logs are completed in class on Fridays. Your log should reflect 30 minutes of daily reading.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Bring your book with you to school every day.

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