Reading-Writing Survey

Typewriter with Reading Writing Survey

GOAL: Thoughtfully respond to all reading-writing survey questions

1) Weekly Agenda: Week of 8/28 to 9/1

Click on the Calendar. Copy your assignments (classwork and homework) into the language arts section of your GVJH agenda.

2) 5 R’s and Relationships

On Friday, you heard about the 5 R’s in all (or most) of you classes. Today we will focus on relationships. In pairs, discuss the following questions:

  • How do you define the term relationships?
  • Why are relationships important in a classroom and school?

Next, form small groups. Give your personal “weather report.” How are your feeling about your first week of junior high school?

  • Today / This week, I am feeling sunny because….
  • Today / This week, I am feeling cloudy because… 

3) Reading / Writing Survey

Click HERE to open the reading-writing survey. I, Ms. McMillan, am the only person who will see your answers. Please answer as completely and as honestly as you can. This information will help me get to know you as a person and as a learner, so I can teach you better.

4) Done with the Survey?

  • Spend some time clicking around on this site. Once you have your iPads, you will start each day reading the lesson here. You will be able to find links to all class materials, as well as to NEO and Google Classroom.
  • Try the vocabulary game Free Rice (click the link).  After you click the link, you can read how to play on the right sidebar.

Homework: Meet in the library tomorrow. Finish the reading-writing survey if you did not finish in class.



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