Random Autobiography: Revise and Proofread

typewriterDUE Today:  Draft of Random Autobiography (7 complete thoughts)

1) Take out the mentor text and your draft. Read the student example on Teen Ink.

2) Revise your draft:

Instead of sentences, make short lines.

Capitalize the beginning of each thought and put a period at the end.

Add  a few more lines. You may repeat the same sentence beginnings as the mentor text:

  • I was… 
  • I once…
  • I’ve heard…
  • I saw….
  • I’ve had…
  • I remember…
  • I think…

Add an ending. Look at the end of our mentor text for inspiration.

3) Write your final draft in ink on white paper. Proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

4) If you finish early, add a patterned border. Draw two or three images from your poem and repeat them around the edge of your paper. Add color.

Homework: Finish the final draft of the random autobiography (due tomorrow)


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