“All Summer in a Day” Cognitive Strategies Tutorial


The following lesson builds on the work of the i3 Pathway Project in collaboration with UC Irvine’s Writing Project and UC Santa Barbara’s South Coast Writing Project.

Read and Respond with Cognitive Strategies

Click here for the complete “All Summer in a Day” slide tutorial.

Click here for a copy of the cognitive strategies with images and sentence starters

Adopt an Alignment

Create a sun-shadow mandala from Margot’s point of view.

Write a Letter from Margot

It is five to 10 years after the end of “All Summer in a Day.” Writing from Margot’s point of view, draft a letter to your classmates. Remind them what happened on Venus, explain how your life has changed since then, describe how the experience affected you, and conclude with what you learned from it. Use your imagination–this is science fiction, after all–and evidence from the story to craft your letter.

Get Feedback

After you write the letter, get feedback from at least one of your classmates. Read your letter out loud to your partner and give him or her time to write back.

Dear _____________________________ (Student Writer’s Name),

You sounded like Margot when you said…

I could tell how the incident affected Margot when you said…

When you revise, you could do the following to make your letter more effective:


(Listener’s Name)

Revise with Brushstrokes

Practice using the 5 Basic Brushstrokes. Revise your letter from Margot by adding one or two brushstrokes.

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