Final Digital Writing Portfolio

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Image Credit: Pete O-Shea via Flickr

Final Digital Portfolio Assignment

Click here for the complete portfolio assignment. Click here or view the presentation to see my example.

Use Google Slides as your portfolio platform. You can either create your slides from scratch or use this template.

Compile examples of your best writing from the year. Include at least one of each of the following writing types:

  1. Narrative writing (e.g., “River Teeth” Memoir),
  2. Explanatory / informational writing (e.g., Name Inquiry,  MLK Young Writer’s Contest essay, Multimedia Theme Composition or Hero’s Journey Multimedia Project )
  3. Argument writing (e.g., Take a Stand Upstanding Bloggers Project on
  4. Another piece of writing you are proud of—maybe a poem or a brief piece of prose from your Daily Pages.

Next, take time to revise and edit each piece. Make every piece of writing as close to perfect as possible.

Finally, write a reflection about your growth as a writer so far this year. Each reflection should—

  • Give the title and writing type (e.g., explanatory / informational, narrative, argument, or poetry) for each piece.  
  • Describe the writing task, purpose, and audience, as well as your writing process.
  • Reflect on what worked and what you still need to improve.
  • Explain why you selected the piece as an example of your best work and what you hope the reader will get out of it.

For examples of how to write reflections, read Ms. McMillan’s final portfolio presentation here (slides 4 – 7).

Remember, we are all writers and we are all on a writing journey together. If you write from your heart and proofread carefully, I know you will feel proud of what you can accomplish.

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