Call of the Wild: Finding the Theme and Making it Real

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Our Journey As Readers:

  • Read Like a Scholar: As you read, keep track of key quotes using a dialectical journal. Notice the cognitive strategies you use and how they help you make sense of what you read.
  • Discuss the Text: At the end of each week, participate in a face-to-face / digital backchannel Socratic seminar. Bring your dialectical journal to help you think of open-ended questions. The journal will also help you cite evidence to support your inferences about the text.
  • Create a Theme Presentation: Working pairs or groups of 3, create a presentation to teach one of the themes to your classmates. Based on an activity devised by Shmoop. com, the Multimedia Theme Project, must be brief, original, accurate, and entertaining.
  • Publish your Work: Check out Ms. McMillan’s example below.

Can’t see Ms. McMillan’s Adobe Voice Video? Try this link:


Ready for More on Call the Wild? 

Here are some fun video resources that might help you understand and enjoy the novel:

(NOTE: This is only part 1. All episodes are available on YouTube.)



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