“The Greats”

The following successful people are mention by Geoffrey Colvin in his article “What It Takes to Be Great, published by CNN Money.

Step 1: Observe 2-3 videos carefully. Why is this person considered an “elite performer” or expert in his field?

As you watch each video, make observations and inferences

  • I see… / I hear… / I notice…
  • I wonder… / This makes me think…

Step 2: Press Comment. Write observations and inferences of at least one video. Make sure you name the artist / performer/ athlete.  Do not write your full name or give any other personal information. Sign with a “pen name” or secret code and the class period. Give that information to Ms. McMillan.

Example Comment:

Luciano Pavarotti

I see Pavarotti wears a velvet coat and white shirt with a ruffled collar. I hear him hold a single note for at least 20 seconds. This make me think he is an expert opera singer. I wonder how long he had to train to reach that level of expertise.

– Tulip Per. 1

Winston Churchill

Vladimir Horowitz

Michael Jordan

Ignace Jan Paderewski

Luciano Pavarotti

Jerry Rice

Tiger Woods

10 thoughts on ““The Greats”

  1. chickenbirdyolo

    I observed that Jerry Rice got more touchdowns than any other football player. He was in many teams that won the super bowl and he got into the hall of fame. he grew up from a small town and small schools but he became a famous person in football. He says he got his speed from chasing horses in his town.


  2. Just think how much he has to practice to be a great at basketball.


  3. Michael Jordan always liked to dunk which shows he was good at basketball and that he put a lot of practice into the game to be able to dunk the ball so well.


  4. Vladimir Horowitz

    I notice he is wearing a black suit. The suit has a tail. His fingers move really fast, so fast that to me it doesn’t seem possiable. he must be very famous since there is that big a crowd. I think he is considered elite because he can move his fingers that fast and play songs at very high speeds. He probably got there by practicing.


  5. From watching this video on Tiger Woods’ top ten moments, I can see that he is a very talented golfer and that he is popular enough so people bothered to make a video about him. From watching the video on Lucianno Pavoriato that he is a talented opra singer acting in Medieval England


  6. From all three videos that I watched:Luciano Pavarotti the opera singer, Michael Jordan the basketball king, and Vladimir Horowitz the piano player, I believe that it was clear that these are some of the most successful and greatest people in their profession. Luciano, had simply a magnificent voice (he captured all my attention), his voice simply rang with passion. Michael Jordan, out classing everyone there as he flew through the air challenging gravity. And Vladimir completely astounded me with his ferocity and agility on the piano. All of these people had passion like no others.



  7. Vladimir Horowitz – Scriabin 12 Etudes Op. 8 No. 12

    I notice that he is wearing an old-fashioned, black suit with tails.
    He has gray hair, so he must be approximately 60 to 75, I’m not sure. He is playing in front of a large crowd, he may be performing in Russia or Romania because his name sounds Russian. He has an awesome mustache (I wish I had one like that).
    Judging by the speed of his playing, he has been practicing the same song for a while now, he might even be a piano teacher.

    P.S. am I supposed to write a comment on all the videos


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