Depth and Complexity Response Assignment

Click the link for the Google Doc: Depth and Complexity Response


Format Requirements

  • 12 pt. font
  • Times New Roman, Arial, or another regular font
  • Double Space
  • Heading (left corner): First Last Name, Class and Period, Date (Day Month Year), Teacher
  • Title (centered)

How to Turn in Your Document

  1. Type your response on Google Docs
  2. Change the sharing settings: Press Share (upper right, blue button). Change to Private to “anyone with the link.” Copy the link (command + C)
  3. Open EDU 2.0 and Click on this assignment (FINAL DRAFT: Depth and Complexity Response)
  4. Press Prepare answer
  5. Choose the chain/link icon in the tools (or press Command + k)
  6. Paste the link (command + v) where it says URL. For Text to Display, type the title of your document
  7. Press Submit

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