Write for The Navigator


I encourage all students to write articles for the GV student newspaper, The Navigator. Honors students are required to submit an article for the first quarter edition. Students may write with a partner or by themselves. About 25% of students will actually have their articles accepted into The Navigator this quarter. The newspaper is published three times a year, so most students who try will get published at some point.

First drafts must be submitted to Ms. McMillan by Friday, February 7.

Here are some types of articles you may want to try. Each color is a topic. You can also see ideas from past issues.

  • School Events: Highlight a Club or All Clubs, House Events, Drama Productions, GV Kids Doing Something Great
  • Science, Technology, Environment: Pluto’s Not a Planet Anymore, Is Facebook Mostly Good or Bad, the Pacific Garbage Patch
  • Teen Issues: Ask Opal, Dress Code or Oppress Code, Are You a Belieber, Peer Pressure, Public Display of Affection
  • Staying Informed: Sports, Politics, Current Events, My Brother Corporal Dawson
  • Seasonal (ex. Spring, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day):  History of _______, How different cultures / families celebrate ____,  Games/Quizzes, Comic, Story/Poem, Crossword
  • Reviews: Books, Movies, Video Games, Songs/Album
  • Teachers: Interviews, Surveys/Quizzes/Crosswords
  • Creative Corner: Poems, Short Stories, Comics, Games/Quizzes

IMPORTANT: No word searches, no horoscopes, no unoriginal work. Please type, but if that isn’t possible, it needs to be on blank white paper and strong black (only) ink.

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