Life in the United States During the Time of The Outsiders

Research Questions:

  • What was life like in the United States in the late 50s and early 1960s (up to 1965)?

  • How does the setting (time and place) influence the characters and plot of The Outsiders?

Station 1 “Then and Now: America’s Bad Habit” 

Click the link to read the Scholastic Scope article. How do our current laws and attitudes compare to those of the 1950s (and early 1960s)? Write 1 similarity and 2 differences.

Station 2 Music

In The Outsiders, the greasers like Elvis and the socs like The Beatles. Watch the YouTube clips of Elvis (1957) and The Beatles (1964). Write observations about each:

  • Elvis “Hound Dog” (1957)

  • The Beatles “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (1964)

Station 3 Nonfiction Books (in GV Library)

Go to one of the tables with books about the culture of the early 1960s.  Spend 15 minutes browsing through these books and getting acquainted with this time in history, again focusing on 1958-1965.

Station 4 Computer Database

Go to Hover over library and select Digital Resources. On the virtual bookshelf, look for UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography. Click on the book and type in the word Hinton in the search bar.  What are two things that happened in Hinton’s life that influenced her writing?

Note-taking Handout:

Life in the United States During the Time of The Outsiders

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