Summary Writing and The Important Book

On Summary Writing

summary of an essay helps someone who has not read the article understand its major parts and ideas. A summary is not a a review of the article stating your opinion on it.

Required Elements:

  • The author’s name, the title of the article, and when / where it was published
  • The topic of the article
  • The author’s argument or claim
  • Several key details (supporting the author’s argument)
  • The author’s purpose and/or the significance of the article

The Important Book

The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown may give you another way to think of summary writing. Reread the book in the following SlideShare presentation. Think about how Brown gives the main idea and important details about each thing.

Can you create an “Important” summary for an article we read in class?
  • The important thing about _______________________ is…
  • Important Detail 1
  • Important Detail 2
  • Important Detail 3
  • But the important thing about _________________is…

Student Samples

Students wrote these practice “important” summaries based on “Are You a Loser?” published by Scholastic Scope

The Important Thing About “Are You a Loser?” by Scholastic Scope

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