End-of-Year Games

Group Boggle

Materials and Preparation: Boggle, Groups of 3-4, Timer (3 minutes), scratch paper, student timer, student point keeper


  • Find words of 3 or more letters
  • Words can be horizontal, vertical, and diagonal (or a mix)
  • Letters must be connected (no skipping letters)


  • 3-4 letter words are 1 point
  • Add 1 point extra for each letter over 4 (ex. a 5-letter word is 2 points, a 6-letter word is 3 points)

How to Play

  1. Shake up the letters and start the timer.
  2. All group members write, but they can help each other. HINT: Players should whisper so other groups can’t hear.
  3. The timer signals when 3 minutes has passed.
  4. Group members count up their points. Top scorers raise their hands.
  5. Group with the most points reads words aloud.
  6. The rest of the class checks the accuracy of the winning group.
  7. Winning student earns points for his/her entire group.
  8. Continue playing several rounds.
  9. Winning group receives a small prize.


Fish Bowl!

Materials: scratch paper, a basket or bowl


  • Divide the class into two teams (A/B)
  • Give each student 3 small pieces of scratch paper
  • Students write familiar words and/or short phrases on the scratch paper
  • Fold the words/phrases one time and put them in the bowl or basket

Round 1: Taboo

  • Team B volunteer times (1 minute)
  • Student from Team A chooses a word
  • He/she tries to explain the word without saying the word 
  • Continue until the time is up
  • Team A receives points for as many words as they guessed correctly
  • Switch teams and alternate until the words run out

Round 2: Password

  • Put all words back in the bowl or basket
  • This is like round 1, except the student can only say one word
  • To guess, students  recall words from round 1

Round 3: Charades

  • This is like rounds 1 and 2, except students use gestures and/or facial expressions

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